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Ugly Shyla

 Photgrapher:Brittany Chretienhttp://www.myspace.com/suffocatingopheliaThe shop name is in reference to deep purple/black calla lilies. The calla lily is my favorite flower. The dark purple is a metaphor of the black sheep, daring to be different from the norm. Step out of the box. Enjoy life. And have fun browsing my listings.

I sew. A lot. I also do many other forms of arts and crafts. I have a variety of different wares for sale at any given time. Take a look around and check back often. Who knows what you might find next time you visit. 


 Model: Macabre Noir


Skirt: Evil Lily Originals

Photo: Something Wicked Studios
Corset: Louise Black




                                                            Model: Ugly Shyla

 Photgrapher:Brittany Chretienhttp://www.myspace.com/suffocatingophelia





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